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Ewing Orion Returns

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Ewing Orion Returns

The Orion returns for the first time since 1992. Originally the 2nd best seller after the 33 HI, the Orion is now back in 4 colorways including the original Black/Gum. Featuring a cupsole construction along with a signature Ewing reversible ankle strap and signature at midfoot.

Due to continuous requests from customers, we decided to bring the model back and more colors will appear in the future.  Orions feature a new Ewing box, in an all white version, differentiating itself from our other lines.

Ewing Orion (Red/Black)



Ewing Orion (Black/Red)


Ewing Orion (White/Gum)



Ewing Orion (Black/Gum)


The Evolution of a Legend


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